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Walking the Path

Each of us is walking the path of our life: a path of twists and turns and surprising experiences that facilitate our growth and evolution as human beings.

It is my personal experience that we can become more intentional and determining of the path we walk and have a more fulfilling and enjoyable journey as a result.

The way I support clients to do this is by using a 'Parts of Self' approach that conceptualises people as a collective of their different aspects, or ‘parts’ and supports wholeness through internal relationship building and Self-leadership. This will make more sense when we talk in person.

Together, we explore the different parts of your internal system that drive your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. We work together as a team to understand the different parts of you and how they are determining the path you are walking. I will support you to uncover -or deepen your connection to- your authentic Self and access the compassion and self-love that it offers.

We can explore mindfulness practices and meditation techniques, somatic processes that facilitate deeper connection to your body and nature therapy tools that will allow you to utilise more of the enormous support available from the natural world for your healing and transformation.

We will meet in nature spaces in the Adelaide Hills, by the beach or in the Parklands, as well as in my offices in Glenelg or Mitcham. I also do this work fully online with interstate and overseas clients.

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Hi! I'm Liv

I lived in Central Australia for a few years and watched the mob up there gravitate to the nature spaces nearby when it was time to talk things through. This made sense to me: surely sitting under a wise, old tree under an open, blue sky would support the best possible decision-making.

When I began my personal journey with counselling as a client, I longed to sit out in a park with my counsellor and let the feel of the grass beneath me and the wind on my face help to remember the things I had forgotten. Also, there were times that I needed the privacy and the holding of four walls around me and I was glad for the safety of my counsellor's office for those moments when I needed it.

I spent over three years having fortnightly counselling sessions. The experience was so profound and transformative that I was compelled to return to study and do a Masters of Counselling Practice and begin working as a counsellor myself.

I believe that when we step out of the four walls that, yes, provide us safety and shelter, and also separate us from our natural remembering and the land that nourishes us, we step into greater possibility for healing and transformation. This has been my personal experience.

So here, I am: walking my path and offering a new way of having counselling sessions in Adelaide.


Here are a few different formats you can choose for your sessions:


Nature-based (outdoor)
1-1.5 hour session

Nature-based sessions are particularly supportive for people who experience tendencies towards anxiety or avoidance, racing thoughts, men and people who simply feel more at ease in natural spaces.

Outdoor sessions are available in the Adelaide Hills, at the beach, or in the Adelaide Parklands or Botanic Gardens.

18+ years

$140 per hour


Indoor/ Online
1 hour

For some things, four walls are needed to offer the necessary privacy, holding and feeling of safety.

I have indoor spaces available in Glenelg, Mitcham, Mylor and Victor Harbor.

Online sessions are an effective and flexible options for people interstate, overseas or with unusual schedules.

18+ years

$140 per hour

Image by Toomas Tartes

Long format support
3-4 hours


This is a new offering intended to pair a more relaxed counselling pace with a preferred activity of the client's choice.

Long-format support can take place in a clients home or in a public nature space.

12+ years

 ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶ ̶h̶o̶u̶r̶

$80 per hour


Always looking forward to sessions with Liv. She’s incredibly thoughtful, understanding and creates a safe space with no judgment. She’s helped me understand parts of myself, to find forgiveness and love for the characteristics, patterns and traits I didn’t originally want to own. I have referred many clients to Liv and highly recommend reaching out to her to bring clarity to any situation you’re facing.


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